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Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun

Handheld CO2 Cryo Gun

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The world famous CryoFX® Handheld Cryo CO2 Gun is by far the most sought after special effects co2 gun in the industry.

Currently in the hands of over 30 of the worlds top 100 DJs and having made appearances in Movies, Music Videos, Live Touring Performances, and Special Effects Worldwide, the handheld CryoFX® Cryo CO2 Gun is a symbolic icon around the globe. 

The World Famous CryoFX® Handheld Co2 Gun PRE-ASSEMBLED, Plug and Play Handheld Cryo CO2 Gun. Comes with hose and fittings and is ready to use in minutes, simply connect to a CO2 tank! This package comes with the following:

 Handheld Cryo Gun (CO2 Cannon) with attached 10" inch nozzle and attached quick disconnect fitting.
• CryoFX® very own brand of High Pressure Co2 Hose with attached quick disconnect fitting.
• Brass fitting to connect hose to CO2 Tank (Tank not included)(Co2 Fitting WILL fit your local Co2 tanks)
• Manual, Safety Guidelines, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The Handhenld CryoFX® Cryo Co2 Gun, one of CryoFX® best sellers, is the perfect addition to any DJ system or mobile production. Have complete flexibility and maneuverability with CryoFX® Cryo CO2 Gun. Requiring no electricity and weighing only 2.7 pounds (1.2Kg), this CO2 Cryo Gun is extremely lightweight and has the ability to be used almost anywhere. Measuring only 20 inches (50.8cm) by 9 inches (22.86cm), CryoFX® CO2 Gun is small in size which makes it easy to carry.

*CO2 Not Included

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