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Every student section needs two t-shirts every year. 

1) Student section shirt. 

2) Game day shirt.

When students own these two shirts, they take ownership of their student section experience, market the brand, and showcase their school spirit. Plus – if one of the shirts is the laundy, they have a backup to wear on game day and to the game.

A student section shirt with either the student section logo or the student section name on the front. Typically, the color of the shirt is the primary school color with the artwork on the front as a contrasting secondary color. The simpler the design the better. Increase student buy-in with this shirt.

A game day shirt simply says the words "GAME DAY" on the front. Typically this shirt is the primary or a secondary alternative color to the student section shirt. Students can wear this to class on game day and then also to games. Everybody loves game day – and will love this shirt.

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